ISSN 2151-2302

Vol. 12, Number 1, 2021

<# 00-00 # Editorial
<# 01-27 #
A New Approach for Computing a Posteriori Error Estimation for the
               Vlasov-Maxwell-Fokker-Plank system
                S. QASEMI, and D. ROSTAMY
<# 28-44 #
On Closed-Form Solutions to Integro-Differential Equations >
                A. O. ADEWUMI, R. A. ADETONA, and B. S. OGUNDARE

<# 45-54 #
Small Double Limit for an SDE With a Neumann Boundary Condition >
                I. SANE, and A. DIEDHIOU



Papers recently accepted for publication in Vol. 12, Number 1, 2021

**Numerical Solution of Stochastic Partial Differential Systems With Additiuve Noise on Overlapping Subdomains
                M. ZAHRI
**Existence Results for Stochastic Integrodifferential Equations With Nonlocal Conditions
                M. R. A. KAKPO, C. OGOUYANDJOU, and M. A. DIOP