Information for Authors

       The peer review Journal JNM@S seeks to publish articles reflecting its aim and scope. Submission of research communications is invited under the condition that the communication has not been published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Preparation of communications

      Authors are encouraged to prepare their papers in LaTeX but articles must be submitted as a PDF file. Good quality electronic source makes the typesetters' work much easier and so the authors of such source can expect their papers to be dealt with more promptly and with fewer errors. There are many freely available packages to produce PDF files from TeX source. The Journal does not ask for source code until an article has been accepted.

Each article should include :

1. A title of no more than one hundred characters in length, including spaces, preferably containing no symbols. If the title is long, provide a shortened form of it, no more than forty characters. 2. An abstract of not more than 150 words, preferably containing no formulae and no references, and certainly containing no complicated formulae. 3. American Mathematical Society 2000 Mathematics subject classification numbers. 4. A few Key Words and Phrases.

The author should keep all files of the submitted article. JNM@S will not accept responsibility for any loss.


The typescript should be prepared using LaTeX or a Scientific Word processing system (preferred), basic font Roman 12pt size. The papers should be in English and typed in frames 14 x 21.6 cm (margins 3.5 cm on left and right and 4 cm on top and bottom) on A4-format white paper or American format paper. On the first page leave 7 cm space on the top for the journal's headings. References should be in alphabetic order and must be organized in the following style: [1] V. L. Girko, The strong circular law. Twenty years later. Part I, Random Operators and Stochastic Equations, 12 (1) (2004), 49-104. [2] H. Follmer and A. Schied, Stochastic Finance, An Introduction in Discrete Time, de Gruyter, Berlin, 2004.


       Each article should include names and full addresses (including email) of all authors. The corresponding author should be identified.
Authors should provide diagrams, if any, drawn to professional standards (at least 600 dpi). Diagrams in the form of postscript files, or similar, may also be acceptable; the quality, however, should be similar to that obtained by a professional artist.
Authors are responsible for proof-reading their communications carefully before submission. The Journal does not send poorly written papers to referees ; referees are expected to vouch for the correctness of the mathematics but not of the English and the mathematical typing.