Editorial Board

Managing Editor:

N. H. S. Haidar - Formerly at Dept. of Mathematics and Comput. Sci., Suffolk University, USA
(Nonlinear analysis, Numerical solution of integral equations
Email: nhaidar@suffolk.edu


H. Brunner - Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland, Canada
(Numerical solution of intrgro-differential equations)
Email: hbrunner@mun.ca

S. Chib - Olin School of Business, Washington Universituy, St. Louis, USA
(Statistics and econometrics, Monte Carlo methods)
Email: chib@wustl.edu

J. Cui
 - Academy of  Mathematics & Systems Science, CAS, Beijing, China
(Stochastic analysis and numerics)
Email: jianbocui@lsec.cc.cn

S. M. Ermakov - Department of Statistical Modelling, Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty, Saint Petersburg
University, Russia
(Monte Carlo and parallel stochastic computing)
Email: ermakov@math.spbu.ru

N. Ghoussoub - Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia, Canada
(Partial differential equations and martingales)
Email: nassif@math.ubc.ca

V. Girko - Institute of Mathematics, Ukranian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine
(Stochastic analysis)
Email: agirko@i.com.ua

A. S. Hart - Center for Mathematical Modeling, FCFM, Universidàd de Chile, Santiago, Chile
(Probability and dynamical systems)
Email: ahart@dim.uchile.cl

G. Ladas - Department of Mathematics, University of Rhode Island, USA
(Difference equations)
Email: geladas@mail.uri.edu

S. Mazzucchi - Dipartimento di Matematica, Universita di Trento, Italy
(Feynman path integration)
Email: sonia.mazzucchi@unitn.it

J. Morio - ONERA, Toulouse, France
(Probabilistic estimation, Markovian processes)
Email: jerome.morio@onera.fr

C. Ouyang - Department of Mathematics, Statistics and CS, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
(Probability theory, Stochastic analysis)
Email: couyang@math.uic.edu

M. Sanghare - Department of Mathematics, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal
(Algebra, cryptography and coding theory)
Email: mamadou.sanghare@ucad.edu.sn

D. Talay - INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France 
(Numerics for SDE's)
Email: denis.talay@sophia.inria.fr

T. Terlaky - ISE Department, Lehigh University, USA
(Stochastic research and optimization)
Email: terlaky@lehigh.edu

V. Thangaraj - Ramanujan Institute, University of Madras, India
(Stochastic modeling)
Email: thangarajv@yahoo.com

T. Tian - School of Mathematics, Monash University, Australia
(Stochastic modeling & Computation in biology & chemistry, Itô integrals )
Email: Tianhai.Tian@monash.edu.au

R. Verfürth – Fakultät für Mathematik, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
(Numerical analysis)
Email: ruedinger.verfuerth@rub.de

P. P. Wang - Department of Mathematics, University of Alabama, USA
Email: pwang@ua.edu

B. Yu - School of Mathematical Sciences, Dalian University, China
(Computational mathematics and optimization )
Email: yubo@dlut.edu.cn